what makes a service great?

we often looks upto the best services like warranty,insurance etc but how we can judge a service,well by its terms and conditions


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manufacturing warranty

Manufacturer Warranty

Well there is no use with this warranty because it is only for 1 year and there is a rare chance that the products gets repaired

mobile protection

Mobile Protection

This protects your mobile against accidental damage for 1 year.

extended warranty

Extended Warranty

This is same as manufacturing warranty but it protects the product for additional years


Insurance for car,bike is necessary because repairing those costs so much.But it all depends upon which insurance you take and what are there terms and conditions.dumbtime is here to help you choose the best insurance company and have a brief idea about the claim,customer support,easy access,is it worth to purchase? etc 

We provide...

  • Everything you need to know about warranty services.
  • Explanation of T&C’s of different services.
  • All the information about EX-warranty.
  • All the information about mobile protection.
  • Know everything about your service.
  • A complete guide to choose the best service you need.

“Have a complete information of a service before purchasing”

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